Halloween для начальной школы. Сценарий урока.

Продолжаю делиться сценариями и сегодня мой сценарий страноведческого урока про Halloween, который я использую с детьми 7-10 лет. Игры практически те же, что я использую для дошкольников (плюс для детей 9-10 лет я добавляю worksheets) а вот песенки уже другие.

Vocabulary to learn:









Flashcards and worksheets: Super Simple Learning

Make two (or more) teams. Ask the students what they know about this holiday and try to elicit the vocabulary. Say a few words about the Trick-or-Treating tradition and watch the song Hello, my friends.

Play flashcard games to get the students remember the new words (cowboy, witch, monster, ghost, ballerina, pirate).

Put the flashcards on the floor and ask the students to go around the classroom and then stop at the cards you name.

Put the cards on the board and get the students say the words in different voices (scared, whispering like a ghost, angrily like a witch etc.)

Play the Diasppearing Cards game. The kids say the words with you several times. Then you continue to repeat the words in chorus but each time you take one card off the board. The kids still have to say all the words – the missing one too. Proceed to do this until there are no cards left on the board.

You know the vocabulary now. Watch Knock-Knock Trick-or-Treat song and ask the kids to sing along. (You can also prepare a wheel with the song characters and play with it)

Introduce the word «pumpkin». Review counting to ten with the song Pumpkins, Witches and Ghosts.

Then play Picture Hunt with the words in the song. Before the lesson stick small pictures with pumpkins, witches and ghosts under the desks, teacher’s desk, window-sill etc. (I use small pieces of sticky tape.) The teams run around the class and look for the hidden pictures. Then you ask each team how many items of each picture they have got.

Watch Who took the candy? song. (It’s my Halloween favourite!) Before watching you may suggest the children to guess who took the candy. There is one more vocabulary item in the song — «vampire». After it, if you have enough time, you can play Who took the candy? the game with these cards (the game is not for points, just for fun).

Play Slap. All the flashcards are on the board. You invite a member of each team to come to the board. You say the word and the first child to slap it gets the point for his/her team. You then take the card off the board and go on to play with two different members of each team.

Play Picture Puzzle game. Give each team two or three Halloween pictures cut into pieces. The team to put the picture(s) back together first are the winners. Then you may ask the students to tell you what is in the picture. (I find it more encouraging to give the winning team two points and the other team one point, instead of giving a point only to the team that was the first.)

Watch Go away! song. Before watching practise saying «Go away!» all together and encourage the students to sing along — it is so much fun!

Play the Miming Game. A player comes out, pulls a small picture card/word card and mimes the word using only gestures while his/her team has to guess it. They have only one try to do it but give them some time to discuss it first!

Play Colouring Race. I use the colour by number worksheet by Activityvillage.com. Divide the board between the two teams. Put a copy of the picture on each side of the board. Put some crayons or felt tip pens near each picture. A player from each team runs to the board, reads the colour and colours some part of the picture. Then he/she runs back and another player takes their place. The team to finish the task first (and with the correct colours) wins the race.

Play Maze Race. Give each team a number of easy mazes. (you can download them at activityvillage.com) You set the time/switch on the music and the children have to do as many mazes as they can.

Play Put a Hat on the Witch game. It’s Halloween variation of Donkey’s Tail game. Prepare a picture of a witch and several hats with pieces of double sided tape. A child from each team comes out and, blindfolded, tries to stick the hat in the correct place. The winner is the child who sticks the hat closest to the correct spot.

At the end put on some nice music and give the students some sweets or small souvenirs (like these lovely Halloween Bookmarks and Cerificates by Activityviallage — they are going to love them!)

А как отмечаете вы?


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