Halloween для дошкольников. Как провести?


Коллеги! Как обещала, делюсь с вами своим сценарием урока про Halloween для дошкольников. Пользуюсь этим планом не один год, поэтому не стала переписывать и оставила как было на английском.

Vocabulary to learn: ghost, pumpkin, witch, mummy, bat, black cat.

Start by dividing the kids into two (or more) teams. The competitive atmosphere makes the whole event funnier.

Make some kind of introduction. Ask the students what they know about this holiday (in their L1).

Tell them about the main symbol of the Holiday – pumpkin. Put the flashcard on the board (you can download flashcards here) and make the kids say the word with you. Invite them to dance to the fun action song This is my favorite pumpkin.

Ask the teams to colour the picture of a pumpkin to make a Jack-o-Lantern. (I usually give each team a point for this task.)

Tip: It’s great to prepare a real Jack-o-Lantern beforehand and light it together with the students. You may turn the lights in the classroom off while doing it, but even in the daylight it will impress your little learners for sure.

Tell the children that on Halloween kids usually dress up as fantasy creatures like witches, ghosts and mummies. Put the corresponding flashcards on the board.

You have four flashcards on the board now: pumpkin, ghost, witch and mummy. To help the kids remember them play the disappearing cards game. The kids say the words with you several times. You may ask them to speak in different voices, e.g. whisper like a ghost, say the words angrily like a witch, happily like a pumpkin, etc. Then you continue to repeat the words in chorus but each time you take one card off the board. The kids still have to say all the four words – the missing one too. Proceed to do this until there are no cards left on the board.

Dance to the action song What are you for Halloween?

Picture puzzle game. Give each team a Halloween picture cut into pieces. To make it a bit more challenging (and fun!) you may cut two different pictures and mix the pieces. The team to put the picture(s) back together first are the winners. Then you may ask the students to tell you what is in the picture. (I find it more encouraging to give the winning team two points and the other team one point, instead of giving a point only to the team that was the first.)

Introduce two more vocabulary items — bat and black cat. Put the flashcards on the board and make the kids say them with you.

Play a game with all the six words. Ask the kids to close their eyes, put the flashcards around the classroom. The children open their eyes and you ask them to point to the pictures. E.g. “Where is bat? Point to bat! Ok, now point to cat. Great! Point to pumpkin.” etc.

Tell about the Trick-or-Treating tradition and watch one more great song with Matt — Let’s go Trick-or Treating

Actually, there are more Halloween words in this song (owl, monster and spider) but I decided that six words are quite enough for my young learners to remember in one lesson.

Play Slap! The flashcards are on the board. You invite a member of each team to come to the board. You say the word and the first child to slap it gets the point for his/her team. You then take the card off the board and go on to play with two different members of each team.

Watch and dance to the action song Halloween number song to review the numbers.

Play Picture Hunt. Before the lesson stick small pictures with bats, black cats, pumpkins under the desks, teacher’s desk, window-sill etc. (I use small pieces of sticky tape.) The teams run around the class and look for the hidden pictures. Then you ask each team how many items of each picture they have got.

Watch and dance to the Halloween action song.

Play Maze race. Give each team a number of easy mazes. (you can download them at activityvillage.com) You set the time/switch on the music and the children have to do as many mazes as they can.

Watch and dance to the action song, then answer the questions in the end of the video — What do you see?

Play Put a Hat on the Witch. It’s Halloween variation of Donkey’s Tail game. Prepare a picture of a witch and several hats with pieces of double sided tape. A child from each team comes out and, blindfolded, tries to stick the hat in the correct place. The winner is the child who sticks the hat closest to the correct spot.

At the end of the lesson each student usually gets a handful of sweets or some small present.


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