Christmas: идеи для праздника с дошкольниками.

И снова делюсь с вами своим сценарием праздника. И снова на английском (делюсь с вами из своего архива, а так уж вышло, что мне удобнее организовывать свои записи именно так).

Time: approx. 60 min

Christmas Tree

Pre-schoolers are extremely lively and full of energy, so to keep them engaged action songs and active games work great.

You may start by dividing children into two (or more) teams — but remember: pre-schoolers are not great team-workers (they are still too self-centered) and losing in a game sometimes makes them extremely unhappy. So if you do, try to make the score almost even by the end of the game (keep this in mind while organising them into teams).

Introduce the word Santa using a flashcard. Watch and dance to the action song from Dream English Kids.

Then give each team a task to draw Santa’s face using this worksheet from (or any other you like). While the kids are drawing you may switch on another awesome song by Matt — 10 Little Santas.

 If you have already studied face vocabulary you may ask to describe the picture (e.g. Santa’s got a red nose./Santa’s got two eyes.).

Introduce the word Reindeer using a flashcard and dance to the action song.

Play Pin the Nose on the Reindeer game.
I put two pictures of Rudolf like this on the board, one for each team and prepare a set of nose-stickers (just put double sided sticky tape on the back side!). A child comes to the board, we blindfold him/her with a scarf and he tires to put the nose in the corrext place. If you have teams, you may then compare which team put their nose closer to the correct spot. (It is also a good idea to laminate the reindeer pictures to make them durable.)

Introduce the word Snowman using a flashcard and dance to the action song by Maple Leaf Learning.

Play Toss the Snowball game.

Watch ‘Hello, Reindeer’ song.

Before watching you may put Santa, Snowman and Reindeer flashcards in different places in the classroom and ask kids to turn and wave to the picture every time they hear ‘Hello, Reindeer/Snowman/Santa’.

Introduce Christmas Tree using a flashcard and dance to the song ‘Three Christmas Trees’ (it is not exactly an action song but we show the numbers using fingers and imitate the chopping movements — that is really fun!).

Play Colouring Race. Put colouring pages on the board according to the number of teams and make sure there is also a separate set of crayons or felt tip pens near the board for each team. A member of each team comes to the board. You name a part of the picture and the colour (e.g. Colour the Christmas tree green) and the first kid to finish colouring it gets a point for their team. You can find lots of pictures at activityvillage.

Introduce the word Present with the corresponding flashcard.
Play Pass the Present. You will need wrapped boxes (at least one for each team), but you may prepare more and at the end of the game you will have piles of ‘presents’ — looks very festive!
Teams stand in lines. You put a ‘present’ in front of every line. When you give a sign/switch on the music the first kid in the line picks up the ‘present’ and passes it to the kid standing behind and etc. The team whose present arrives at the end of the line first wins a point. To make it more challenging, you may ask students to pass the ‘present’ above their heads/between their legs/keeping one hand behind the back, etc.

Play some flashcard games with all the words to make sure your students have memorised them.

Play Fill the Stocking game.

At the end of the lesson count the scores (If you had teams), sing We Wish you a Merry Christmas and give each student gets a handful of sweets.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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